IISAdmin terminates unexpectedly (7031) on Exchange 2003 and Windows 2000 Advanced Server

I recently ran into a problem where IISAdmin was terminating unexpectedly with event id 7031. This was, of course, bringing down HTTP, POP3, IMAP and SMTP everytime it happened. IIS was crashing on average two to three times per hour.

I googled for several hours and came up with the following list of things to try (in no particular order):

I’m sure there’s some things I left out, but those are the most common things I saw people suggesting. Of course, none of those solved the problem. The good thing about to situation was that I could recreate the problem by simply rebooting. Every bootup yielded a slew of errors from IIS that it had terminated unexpectedly and then restarted. Another good thing was that I have a reasonably fast server, so rebooting only takes about two minutes (much better than the 30 minute reboot time of the Exchange server that it replaced.)

After trying all that, the solution was to simply uninstall and reinstall IIS. It appears the metabase was somehow corrupted. If I had been backing up the metabase (I have a VBScript around here somewhere that does that) then I suppose I could have restored it from a previous night’s copy. That not being the case, however, I had to do it the hard way.

Once IIS is reinstalled, Exchange is completely broken. So, had to reinstall Exchange, Exchange 2003 sp1 and then uninstall and reinstall GFI MailSecurity and MailEssentials. The good thing is that I did have backups of my GFI settings in case I needed them. GFI has sane installation routines, however, so that wasn’t necessary. All my settings were saved.

Once all that was done, Exchange (and IIS) proceeded to work properly again. Of course, IIS needed to be reconfigured, SSL certs reapplied and so on. What fun.

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